Bongs on the bow/CCC dogie days and a potluck is tomorrow !

We will be hosting a fun filled day with the CCC. We are going to kick off the day at princess Island Park around 11: 30. There we will have a nice little sesh before boarding our rafts and floating down the Bow River. Eventually we will reach our destination at Sue Higgins dog park, there we will meet with other members of the club for an information session on pets and cannabis followed by a potluck dinner.

Please bring your own personal flotation devices including life jackets for Bongs on the Bow.

Sue Higgins park is in off leash dog park so feel free to bring your Furry Friends.

For the potluck, we ask that you bring a dish to share. Medicated or non-medicated so long as it is labeled as such. If you are unable to bring a dish we would also accept a $5 donation to the club.

Arrangements for transportation back to the starting point can be made. Please contact an admin on one of our social media pages (we prefer facebook) or email us.

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