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CCC General Meeting Postponed

Hello Canna Family. We sure hope you are all staying well. Due to the updates in Pandemic protocol, we have postponed our weekly gatherings until further notice. We are sure hoping we can devise a live stream that the board can participate in to keep you updated but as of this moment we are working on a plan to. We are concerned on the numbers coming from AHS prior to our St. Phatty’s Day party they were indicating crowds of 250 were okay but that changed rapidly the next day. Just to be on the safe side, we would like to ask anyone who attended the party to let us know if they were to show symptoms in the next 14 days or so we can inform everyone else. Not that it was a huge event, there was only about 20 people. But better safe than sorry. As soon as we can get a live stream going we will announce it here. Please Stay Safe and dont share your joints, wash your hands and USE YOUR SAFE SESH!!! 🙂

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2 comments on “CCC General Meeting Postponed

Todd Hemming

Does the group doing any trades or growing sessions for people?
Would love to maybe trade some seeds and discuss success with breeders and gear etc.
Would you be interested in doing this? Maybe a youtube channel?
I would like to get more involved, but not sure how. I do not use SM.


Hey Todd. Sorry for the delayed response. Our web page is currently under construction. You can get a hold of some by emailing us at We would love to connect and talk more about what we could do together.


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